Restaurant Point of Sales

restaurant_fineOrdyx is the only POS system you need to keep your busy restaurant efficient and effective.

When you are running a busy fine dining or quick service establishment you need a system that works efficiently and easily for your staff; so they can focus on more important things like taking care of your customers, and keeping your busy restaurant running smoothly. Ordyx is an all in one solution that fine dining and quick service establishments use when they want the very best. Featuring everything that a busy restaurant needs, you can rest assured that your back office will run smoothly when Ordyx is behind the wheel.

What makes Ordyx Different:

Ordyx is an internet based server that is continuously synchronized and backs up your data and meaning your system is updated automatically when new versions of the software become available, or when changes are made to your internal system, such as menu changes and updates.

Ordyx makes sure that even, if you experience down time in your internet service, it’s business as usual in the restaurant and back office. Your system will continue to maintain all information locally and will automatically synchronize with the Ordyx server when your internet connection is reestablished.

Ordyx offers the highest level 24 x 7 of support available in POS products, and can be used from anywhere in the world.

As a dining establishment, you are already accustomed to providing your guests with the finer things in life, shouldn’t your system reflect that quality?

Are you ready to find out if Ordyx is the right system for your business? Please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you.


restaurant_fastNCR Silver is the perfect solution for busy restaurants that value quick service and reliability.

When you need a quick solution for your fast paced restaurant, you’ve come to the right place. NCR Silver is the perfect all in one quick service restaurant manager. Manage your payments, inventory, staff and more from the easy to use interface.

Whether you run a single location restaurant or have multiple locations, you can sync all your data seamlessly and easily with our system. NCR Silver is like having a complete back office right on your touchscreen.

With NCR you can:

  • Create instant loyalty programs to help retain clients
  • Continue taking payments and making sales – even when the internet is down
  • Track your data to help you make the right decisions in your restaurant
  • Get help when you need it, thanks to our customer service that is available around the clock

With an app made exclusively for the restaurant industry, you know you are getting the right tools for your business as well as available add on services.

If you’re looking for an all in one solution to get your restaurant’s payment and back office in the cloud, please get in touch with us today to find out how NCR Silver can help you manage your restaurant and get back to taking care of what matters most – your customers.


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